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How a filter press works
- 2021-03-05-

The filter press is composed of a head plate, a tail plate, a filter plate, a hydraulic cylinder, a main beam, a transmission and a pull-out installation. The hydraulic cylinder piston pushes the head plate, so that the filter plate presses the adjacent filter plates to form a filter chamber; The mud pump sends the mud into the filter chamber, the water permeates the filter cloth and is discharged through the liquid discharge port, and the solid mud forms a filter cake in the filter chamber. Separation in the filter.

Step 1: Press the filter plate

Operate the hydraulic system to move the tail plate in the direction of the head plate, and press all the filter plates between the head plate and the tail plate. Thus, a hollow sealed filter chamber is formed between the adjacent filter plates.

Step 2: Filter Press Process

The feeding pump transports the mud from the feeding hole of the tail plate to the filter chamber. When the filter chamber is filled with mud, the filtration process starts, and the mud is separated from solid and liquid by the pressure of the feeding pump.

In the initial stage of filtration, the thickness of the filter cake in the filter chamber is not large, the resistance of the filter cake is small, and the dehydration speed is fast. Usually, a pump with low head and large flow is used at this time. As the thickness of the filter cake increases, the resistance increases and the pressure When the filtration speed drops, a pump with high lift and small flow is used at this time. The time required for the filtration process is determined according to the filtration characteristics of the mud and the process requirements. When the regular filtration time is reached, the feeding is stopped and the filtration process is completed.

Step 3: Loosen the filter plate

Control the hydraulic system and return the head plate to its original position.

Step 4: Filter plate unloading

Drive and open the installed transmission chain, pull the filter plate apart one after another, and the filter cake falls off by its own weight and is transported away by the lower conveyor.