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Why choose a plate cardboard filter?
- 2020-04-26-

Are you still using traditional filtration equipment? Traditional filtration equipment is unsafe, not environmentally friendly, time-consuming and laborious for slag discharge, short life, cumbersome maintenance, high labor cost, low efficiency, poor environment, etc. It is time for you to change the traditional filtration equipment, use Plate cardboard filter, filter more with less effort and relieve your troubles!

Filtration principle of plate cardboard filter: The plate cardboard filter is composed of several filter units, and each filter unit is composed of filter plates and cardboard, and the cardboard is sandwiched between the filter plates as an adsorption filter medium - fine filter cardboard. The filtrate is pumped into each filter unit in the machine to set the pressure, and the flow cycle is carried out to generate a pressure difference. During filtration, the filtrate is input into the machine through the pressure of the pump, and flows into each filter unit respectively, and is trapped by the fine filter cardboard. The residue in the filtrate is collected, and the filtered clear liquid is collected by each filter unit and flows out of the machine from the clear liquid pipe.

Why choose TA?

1. Vibration slag removal device, vibrating slag cleaning, about 5 minutes

2. Pipe connection, fully enclosed filtration, the product is of good quality after filtration

3. The filter should be cleaned once a month, and there is no need to replace the filter within 3 years of normal use.

4. There is no residual liquid after filtration, once drained, the filter cake is clean

Plate cardboard filter automatic slag discharge: mechanical vibration automatic slag discharge, open the butterfly valve, start the vibration slag discharge device, automatic slag cleaning, no need for manual slag cleaning, greatly reduce manual labor intensity, and achieve continuous operation. Stainless steel filter plate: stainless steel filter plate , No filter cloth, filter paper, automatic slag discharge filter adopts stainless steel composite woven screen, corrosion resistance, easy to clean, long life, can be used continuously for 3-5 years, low maintenance cost. The filter cake is clean: 2 times of filtration, residual Less liquid, clean filter residue. Airtight and environmental protection: airtight structure, no odor leakage, no odor pollution to the outside world. High efficiency: high efficiency in filtering slag or activated carbon (white clay, diatomite) in the liquid, which can replace the plate and frame filter .Good reputation: The industry has accumulated a good reputation for many years of service, and has established cooperative relations with many domestic enterprises.