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What are the applicable scope of the plate cardboard filter?
- 2020-04-24-

The plate-type cardboard filter has been successfully put into operation. Its operation will play a positive role in further reducing the moisture of the silicon slag slurry, reducing the return of aluminum and oxygen, optimizing the process indicators, and achieving production increase and consumption reduction. The plate-type cardboard filter is a large-scale self-construction and installation. Equipment. The effective filtration area is 30 square meters, and the production capacity is nearly 2 times that of the folding belt filter. It has the characteristics of high degree of automation and easy operation and control.

to ensurePlate cardboard filterWhen the project was put into operation on schedule, our factory broke the routine and adopted the method of inverting the construction period, striving for excellence and quality, and going all out to catch up with the progress. Before the main equipment of the plate cardboard filter was installed, they dismantled and cleaned the original equipment in the factory building. .Jialin Company, which is responsible for the construction and installation tasks, overcame the difficulties of narrow site, cross operation, and difficult construction, scientific organization, reasonable arrangement, and completed the installation and commissioning task of 2 plate cardboard filters in just 15 days. Entered the test run After the stage, the scientific and technical personnel closely monitored the operation status of the equipment, rationally adjusted the process parameters, adopted the plan of testing and improving, and carried out innovation and transformation on some components of the project, so that the performance of the equipment was more perfect.

Scope of application of plate cardboard filter:

1, Petrochemical: polyether, diesel oil, lubricating oil, white oil, transformer oil

2, mineral oil and base oil: 2 butyl ester, 2 octyl ester

3, oil: crude oil, bleach, gasification oil, winterization oil, etc.

4, food: gelatin, salad oil, starch, sugar juice, monosodium glutamate, milk, etc.

5, pharmaceutical: hydrogen peroxide, vitamin C, glycerin, etc.

6, coating: varnish, resin paint, varnish, 685 varnish, etc.

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