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What are the technical characteristics of the plate cardboard filter?
- 2020-04-27-

Plate cardboard filter belongs to the clarification cardboard filter in the series of diatomite filter. It is a traditional product. Plate cardboard filter is developed and produced by filtering technology and manufacturing process.10001000and600600,400400,200200Series. Its structure consists of rack, pipeline system, filter plate group, pressing device(There are variable speed handwheel, manual hydraulic, automatic hydraulic device for users to choose), electrical appliances, can be used for clarifying filtration of liquid products in industries such as wine, beverage, syrup, soy sauce vinegar, food additives, and pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The liquid separated by this machine can be retained with a diameter of0.1-0.45umThe turbidity value of the plate cardboard filter can reach0.2EBCBelow, the plate type cardboard filter has the characteristics of simple structure, stable performance and convenient operation.

Technical features of plate cardboard filter:

1, From the mechanical performance to the use performance of the plate cardboard filter, it meets the technical requirements and quality standards of modern brewing, beverage and other industries.

2, The metal material of the plate cardboard filter in contact with the liquid is made of stainless steel, and the surface is mechanically polished.

3, The pipeline system adopts hygienic stainless steel inner and outer polished pipes and valves, and the welding adopts inert gas shielded welding. The inner and outer surfaces of the welds are smooth, so that the liquid production is in a hygienic state.

4, The pressing device can be a combination of hand wheel pressing device and manual hydraulic system or a fully automatic hydraulic system, which is easy to operate.

5, The key component of the plate cardboard filter is the filter plate group, the plate and frame welding adopts tooling, and the size is uniform.

6,Use an all-stainless steel diaphragm pressure gauge with buffer to detect the filtration pressure, which is safe and hygienic.