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How to choose the filter area of ​​stainless steel bag filter
- 2020-11-24-

How to choose the filter area of ​​the stainless steel bag filter:

1. The bag filter materials of Qingshang Filtration Company are divided into stainless steel 304\/316L\/carbon steel\/PP\/plastic steel\/carbon steel sprayed with 4 fluorine\/stainless steel sprayed with 4 fluorine, etc., which is convenient for customers to choose different filters corresponding to different materials. According to the demand, the theoretical flow rate is divided into 0.5-1200T\/H, the filter bag is divided into: single-bag filter, multi-bag filter, filter area: 0.15-13M2. Filter bag precision 0.5-200um can be selected.

2. The area of ​​the bag filter is calculated based on the square length and width of the filter bag. For example, the conventional No. 2 machine with a single bag, the size of the filter bag is 180820mm, and the area is about: 1803.14820 is equal to 0.46M2.

According to the above parameter values, we can choose the size of the filter according to the material properties, temperature, viscosity, flow rate, pressure, etc. Take edible oil (peanut oil) as an example, the oil (peanut oil) is generally 50-100 mPa.s at room temperature. Compared with water, the fluidity is a little different. In addition to the filtration accuracy, the filtration accuracy of edible oil is generally 1-5um (depending on the actual situation). When we choose a bag filter, we take edible oil as an example. The flow rate must be greater than 3-5 times the water flow rate (according to the actual situation), in order to achieve the filtering flow rate of edible oil.