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What are the characteristics of stainless steel filter press?
- 2020-11-03-

What are the characteristics of stainless steel filter press?

The stainless steel filter press suspension is pumped into each closed filter chamber of the filter press. Under the action of the working pressure, the filtrate passes through the filter membrane or other filter material, and is discharged through the liquid outlet, and the filter residue remains in the frame. Cake is used to achieve solid-liquid separation.

Features of stainless steel filter press:

1. The stainless steel filter press is made of ICR18NI9TI or 316L stainless steel. It is corrosion-resistant and durable. The filter plate adopts a threaded structure. According to different products of users, different filter materials can be used instead. (Microfiltration membrane, filter paper and filter Cloth can be used for filter media, clarifier, etc.), the sealing ring is made of silica gel and fluorine rubber (acid and alkali resistance), no leakage, good sealing performance.

2. The plate and frame filter with microporous membrane is a good equipment for filtering activated carbon and fine particles in chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. It guarantees 100% non-flowing carbon, large flow and convenient assembly and disassembly.

3. At the same time, multi-function plate and frame filter (2 times of filtration) is produced. Once it enters the liquid, it can realize semi-fine filtration and fine filtration of the primary liquid (there may also be a variety of pore size filter materials to meet the advantages of different requirements).

4. Before use, filter the filter with water for injection. Soak the filter material with distilled water and stick it on the template. Then press the prefab. Fill the liquid in the pump before starting, then start and expel the air. Close the injection port and then Shut off to prevent liquid from suddenly shutting off to the flow filter.

5. The pump and input part of the machine are connected by quick installation, which is easy to disassemble and clean.

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