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How to increase the working efficiency of the plate and frame filter plate of the filter press
- 2021-04-20-

How to increase the working efficiency of the plate and frame filter plate of the filter press

The plate and frame filter plate is an important accessory of the filter press equipment. It can be seen that its function is extremely important. Generally speaking, the plate and frame filter plate has two main functions. Method for working efficiency of plate and frame filter plates.

1. Establish the middle of the storage filter cake: the plate-and-frame filter plate will be designed with an inward concave design, so that when the filter cloth intercepts the filter cake, the space for storing the filter cake volume and the blind spot at the bottom also increase. The larger friction force on the filter cake can better support the filter cake, so it seems that the filter plate plays a role of storage and support for the filter cake.

2. Increase the filter chamber wall: Increase the function of the filter chamber wall of the filter press, thereby increasing the area of ​​the filter cloth. The purpose of the filter press is to filter, and the way to achieve this goal is to increase the internal filter cloth The area of ​​​​the filter cloth is attached to the wall of the filter plate, so the editor needs to increase the area of ​​the filter chamber wall in some space. The filter chamber of the filter press is made up of filter plates, and the area of ​​each filter plate is small. It is the wall of the filter chamber, and each filter plate has a corresponding filter cloth filter area. As long as it is within the tolerance range, the effective filter area of ​​the filter press can be increased by dozens of times.

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