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How to judge the filterability of a filter press
- 2021-03-09-

How to judge the filterability of a filter press

First of all, the filterability of the filter press is judged from the filterability of the filter press, and it needs to be judged from the filtration quality and filtration efficiency. As for the filtration efficiency, this is also very important, which is also the concern of most customers. Of course, the pressure The higher the filtration efficiency of the filter, the better the corresponding performance of the customer. At this time, there is no doubt. In order to judge the filtration performance of the filter press, we found that it is more complicated. The filtration quality and water content of the filter press should be determined. In terms of filtration quality, regardless of whether the filter cake is uniformly formed, the filter cake filtered by the high-performance filter press should be completely uniformly stored in the recessed space between the filter presses. The content of filtered water is also important. As long as Without adding a special drying system, the moisture content of the average filter press can reach 45% to 55%. If the water content is higher than 60%, the performance of the filter press is low, and higher than 40% is relatively good.

The second is the durability of the filter press. As for which filter press is better, we mainly judge its durability according to the stability of the filter plate and the acid and alkali resistance formed by the metal. As long as it is manufactured according to the standard filter plate and the standard filter plate composition , its alkali resistance and alkali resistance can usually be used for 3 years. We can only judge from the properties of polypropylene (the main component of the filter plate). For the rest of the metal parts, we will judge according to the details. Usually, the filter press The machine starts with some small parts. At this time, it cannot withstand the corrosion of acid and alkali.