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Detailed introduction of Tianli machinery ultra-essential oil filter
- 2020-07-09-

The ultra-essential oil filter (vertical high-precision filter) refers to the relevant advanced technology of foreign ultra-essential oil filtration products. It is developed, designed and produced by our company. It is a domestic initiative and has obtained a patent. Compared with foreign products, it is greatly reduced, which makes it possible to promote this advanced technology in China. The product is a novel vertical structure, and the filter plate is opened at one time. The filtration precision can reach 2μm-5μm, and it can be filtered intermittently without pressure maintenance without destroying the pre-coating. It is especially suitable for the filtration of super-essential oils in the bearing industry. It makes up for the defects in the performance of the filter system of the bearing superfinishing machine tool (superfinishing machine), which can make the production of bearings to a higher level, and can play a key role in the production of high-precision, low-noise bearings. The number of machine tools is large. It is an ideal and cost-effective solution to use the ultra-essential oil centralized filtration system with this machine as the core. At present, the filtration system has been running stably in many units for many years, and the effect is good. The corresponding supporting equipment also has filter aids. Layer coating machine can be selected and used when needed. Our company can modify the plan or redesign a new plan according to the actual situation of users. Our company also produces grinding fluid filters, which are used in many bearing factories to filter grinding fluid. has been widely used.