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How does the filter press achieve filtration and dehydration?
- 2020-09-29-

How does the filter press achieve filtration and dehydration?

1. The compressed filter plate of the filter press produces a closed filter space. The adjacent filter cloth produces a filter cloth chamber. These prepare the necessary conditions for the filtration work.

2. Use the special pump for the filter press to introduce the mixed liquid or slurry into the filter chamber. As the material enters, the slurry contacts the filter cloth, and the solid is retained little by little. At the same time, the working pressure in the filter chamber gradually increases.

3. When the filter cake of the filter chamber reaches a certain range, the feeding is terminated. High-pressure compressed air is injected into the diaphragm filter plate to expand it, and then squeeze it again to obtain a dry filter cake.

4. Pull the plate to remove the filter cake and enter the next cycle.

In order to obtain the desired filtration effect, the filter press equipment can be further improved in the following aspects:

1. Improve the feeding method. For example, for large filter presses, the number of feeding ports can be increased and the form of double feeding can be used.

2. Increase the working pressure of the feed pump. This requires improving the design of the entire filter press to meet the needs of the working conditions. This will increase the cost to a certain extent.

3. Improve the indoor space design of the filter plate of the filter press, and improve the working ability of the equipment to store the filter residue.

4. Improve the liquid discharge efficiency of the equipment, for example, use a monofilament filter cloth, or use a 4-hole liquid discharge, etc.

In general, the filtration of filter press equipment is a process of solid-liquid separation. It does not only rely on the filter cloth of the filter press to maintain the effect, but the cooperation of various parts.