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Briefly describe the fatigue performance of sludge filter press
- 2020-09-10-

Briefly describe the fatigue performance of sludge filter press

The sludge filter press has high efficiency, low energy consumption, dehydration, simple structure, convenient maintenance, low noise, stable operation, reliable continuous automatic production. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, coal, metallurgy, building materials and textiles. Solid-liquid separation Food and water environmental protection projects.

When the hydraulic system of the sludge filter press works for a long time, the fatigue performance of the sludge filter press is as follows: First, the temperature of the sludge filter press is too high and the heat is large. Second, the sludge filter press is not weak enough. If If the temperature is too high, we can consider replacing the high temperature hydraulic oil in the sludge filter with new hydraulic oil, which can quickly reduce the temperature of the sludge filter. If the movement of the sludge filter is not strong, it needs to be closed and Take a break. Here's how to prolong the life of your machine.

The entire sludge filter press relies on the hydraulic system to provide powerful power, and the entire sludge filter press is inseparable from the hydraulic system. It includes the extrusion of the filter plate, the pull-back of the push plate, the estimation of the operation of the pull-plate trolley, etc., and the hydraulic system It is not separable. Therefore, the sludge filter press system applied to the whole plant is very high frequency, and it is a particularly exhausted part in the sludge filter press. Keep the sludge filter properly in order to work.

The cement of the sludge filter press is transported to the sludge stirring tank by the sludge pump, and the coagulant is added to the coagulant for mixing reaction, and then flows into the belt sludge compaction device, and the sludge is evenly distributed to the gravity dewatering zone. Under the action of the two-way shunting of the sludge and the action of gravity, with the movement of the dewatering filter belt, the sludge quickly removes the free water in the sludge.

We know that in sludge treatment, the choice of sludge treatment equipment directly affects the effect of sludge treatment, so how to choose a sludge filter press? The automatic operation of the automatic sludge filter press saves manual operation and ensures the operation of the equipment. .Accuracy can stably achieve a good sludge treatment effect. Instead of an automatic sludge filter press, it is necessary to manually unload the sludge cake, clean the filter cloth, etc., and the sludge treatment cycle is not easy to control.

Automatic sludge filter presses will become more and more popular in the future, which is the development trend of the sludge treatment industry. When purchasing, you can choose according to your own needs. At present, there are ordinary sludge filter presses on the market, as well as sludge dewatering pressure For the long-term consideration of sludge treatment projects, it is recommended to purchase sludge dewatering equipment.