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Application of diatomite filter
- 2020-09-17-

Application of diatomite filter

Introduction of diatomite filter:

Diatomite filter is a kind of fine filtration equipment with diatomite (including expanded perlite, etc.) as filter aid. It is suitable for chemical industry, suitable for filtration operations in chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection departments, and is also widely used in Filtration of food such as alcohol and beverages. Especially in beer filtration, it is more widely used.

Diatomite filter application range:

Diatomite filter is suitable for clarification and filtration of fruit wine, liquor, health wine, wine, syrup, beverage, soy sauce, vinegar, and biological, pharmaceutical, chemical and other liquid products.

1. Beverage industry: fruit and vegetable juice, tea drinks, beer, rice wine, fruit wine, liquor, wine, etc.

2. Sugar industry: sucrose, fructose syrup, high fructose syrup, glucose syrup, beet sugar, honey, etc.

3. Pharmaceutical industry: antibiotics, vitamins, synthetic plasma, traditional Chinese medicine extracts, etc.

4. Condiments: vinegar, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, cooking wine, etc.

5. Chemicals: resins, inorganic acids, organic acids, alcohols, benzene, aldehydes, ethers, etc.

6. Others: gelatin, bone glue, seaweed glue, vegetable oil, starch, etc.

In beer filtration operations, the use of diatomaceous earth filters has advantages over cotton cake filters:

1. Improve the clarity and prolong the shelf life

2. The loss of beer can be reduced in filtration, generally by 1.41.5%

3. There is no need to set up cotton cake regeneration operation positions, which reduces the number of operators and improves the working conditions and operating environment

4. There is no problem of asbestos fibers entering beer

5. Operating costs can be significantly reduced

Since diatomite filters have such significant advantages in beer filtration, it is imperative to replace cotton cake filters for beer filtration in China.

In order to master the filtration function of the diatomite filter and develop and popularize the domestic diatomite filter, we carried out the pre-coating experiment and filtration experiment of diatomite.