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What are the effects of the high temperature of the box filter press?
- 2020-12-03-

What are the effects of the high temperature of the box filter press?

As we all know, the chamber filter press has reached a high level of treatment of various water quality, so this equipment can easily handle various wastewater. Usually, the chamber filter press feed pump is not acceptable in the presence of various wastewater. After all, it's a waste water disaster. Whenever a certain amount of waste water is pumped, a filter cloth will be a great fit. After all, it's a great feeling of pride to accept all kinds of dirt and then see pure water coming out of the filter cloth.

In many cases, when the chamber filter press encounters high temperature during the filtration process, it is impossible to avoid the evaporation of water. The evaporation of water will reduce the actual working efficiency of the equipment to a certain extent. After all, if only the results are observed , the treated liquid will decrease slightly with evaporation, but this is also a normal phenomenon, which is unavoidable in actual production.

If we can better understand the weather changes when the chamber filter press works, the service life of the equipment can be extended. However, many times we are always affected by various reasons. This important factor is ignored, and in future production Special attention should be paid to the filter press. The hydraulic system of the box filter press is very important to the whole system. The selection of hydraulic oil has a great influence on the box filter press. The hydraulic oil can provide a strong pressure for the box filter press. If If you want the box filter press to work properly, you need strong pressure. When choosing hydraulic oil, please consider many factors, and choose a neutral pressure oil that is resistant to wear and pressure.

What will be the impact on the chamber filter press when the temperature is too high?

1. If the temperature is too high, it will affect the hydraulic pressure of the box filter press and affect the normal use of the hydraulic pressure.

2. If the temperature of the filtrate is too high, it will affect the filter plate of the chamber filter press, which will easily cause the deformation and corruption of the filter plate.

3. The high temperature of the filtrate will also have an impact on the filter cloth of the chamber filter press. If the temperature is too high, the pore size of the filter cloth of the chamber filter press will increase, which will have a certain impact on the filtration efficiency.

To sum up, the high temperature will not only affect the working efficiency of the box filter press, but also greatly reduce the life of the equipment, so you can learn more about the appropriate temperature by interacting with the manufacturer to reduce the operation time. in trouble.