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Importance of filter press manufacturers in water treatment
- 2021-06-17-

Importance of filter press manufacturers in water treatment

The filter press is mainly responsible for filtration and separation. When it is working, the interior is full of filtrate, and their internal energy is still very high. If there is a tiny place in the filter room that cannot be sealed, it will cause the overall filter room. The internal pressure is not high enough, so that the filtrate cannot flow according to the normal filtering path, thus affecting the working efficiency and quality of the equipment.

The slow sand filter is used by filter press manufacturers very early in water quality treatment, and its work efficiency is very low. It can only pass through a water layer of 2-3 meters thick every day (depending on the turbidity of the raw water). The required filtration area is very large. , The construction cost is very high, so it was replaced by a fast filter very early. The filtration speed of the fast filter is about 50 times higher than that of the slow filter, and the water layer passing through every day is 100-200 meters, so the required filtration area Greatly reduced, the construction cost is also reduced

Automatic box-type filter presses are more and more used in concentrate dewatering process because of their high working pressure, large production capacity, low filter cake moisture and good filtering effect, which are usually about 1\/3 lower than vacuum filters. Sometimes it can be Cancel drying operation, reduce energy consumption and pollution. The application in some box filter press manufacturers also promotes the transformation of production technology.

When the box-type filter press manufacturer unpacks, it must wait for the pressure plate to be in place before automatically pulling the plate to unload, so as not to damage the machine parts.

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