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Analysis of why the pressure of automatic filter press fails
- 2021-07-01-

Analysis of why the pressure of automatic filter press fails

Reasons for automatic filter press pressure failure:

1. Oil leakage from the oil cylinder piston seal: Since the oil leakage cannot be seen from the outside, it is difficult and complicated to judge whether the oil cylinder sealing ring is worn or damaged. The judgment method is to compress the oil cylinder until the oil cylinder stops moving forward, the oil cylinder pressure stops rising, and the compression action is maintained. , Remove the oil return pipe from the oil cylinder joint. If the hydraulic oil at the oil return pipe joint on the oil cylinder continues to flow out, it can be judged that the piston seal is damaged and should be replaced.

2. Electromagnetic reversing valve failure: the inlet and outlet pipes can be disassembled from the oil cylinder, and the electromagnetic reversing valve can be pressed loose to check the internal leakage. If the internal leakage is too large, use kerosene to clean or replace the sealing parts. Sometimes small internal leakage is insufficient In order to affect the oil pressure, it will slow down the advance and retreat speed of the oil cylinder. Due to long-term impact, the wear of the reversing valve push rod is shortened, or the contact point between the armature and the push rod is worn, resulting in insufficient reversing stroke of the spool.

3. Insufficient oil level: Because the hydraulic system of the automatic pressure-holding filter press is in a high pressure state for a long time, some seals will inevitably leak oil. At the same time, after the automatic filter press is used for a period of time, a small amount of hydraulic oil will naturally evaporate and lose, resulting in oil tank oil. When the oil level is too low, the oil pump will not pump 46 or 68 hydraulic oil.

4. Relief valve failure. Insufficient oil pressure in the hydraulic system: more than 50% is caused by the failure of the relief valve. If the pressure of the relief valve cannot meet the pressure requirements of the automatic filter press when the relief valve is increased, it should be considered whether the relief valve fails. .The effective way to judge the failure of the relief valve is to replace it, and try to replace it with a relief valve of the same type. If the pressure after the replacement can meet the requirements, it can basically be judged as a failure of the relief valve.