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The working principle of plate and frame filter press
- 2021-05-21-

The working principle of plate and frame filter press

The structure of plate and frame filter press is divided into manual pressure, mechanical pressure and hydraulic pressure.

A. Manual pressing: Use the screw mechanical jack to push the lower pressing plate down to press the screen down.

B. Plate and frame filter press Plate and frame chamber filter press: The machine consists of gears, gear pairs, screws and fixing nuts, equipped with advanced overload protectors. When the screw is pressed, the motor rotates and the gear is driven. When When the screw rotates in the fixed screw matrix, the pressure plate is pushed to the filter plate. When the tightening force increases, the load current of the motor increases. When the current reaches the current set by the protector, the motor cuts off the power supply and stops rotating. The screw and fixing nut have a reliable self-locking helix angle, which ensures the tightening state during the working process. When the motor returns, the motor rotates. When the pressure on the pressure plate touches the travel switch, the motor moves backward and then stops.

C. The structure of the plate-and-frame box-type filter press system consists of a fuel tank, a connecting rod, a connecting rod and a Harvey card connected to the pressure plate. The structure of the plate-and-frame box-type filter press system is: motor, oil pump, overflow pressure, Back pressure, pressure gauge, oil circuit and oil circuit box. When the pressure is greater than the frictional resistance of the pressure plate, the pressure plate slowly presses the filter screen. When the pressure reaches the set pressure of the overflow pressure (indicated by the pointer of the pressure gauge), press the filter Net, frame or wing plate, the overflow pressure starts to flow. At this time, the power of the motor is cut off, and the pressing action is completed. When the pressure oil enters the rod cavity of the fuel tank, the pressure plate starts to loosen and retreat. When the pressure is automatically compressed, the pressure Controlled by an electrical contact pressure gauge. The upper and lower limits of the pressure gauge are set to the values ​​required by the process. When the pressure reaches the upper limit of the pressure gauge, the power is cut off and the oil pump stops working. The pressure drops due to possible internal and external losses in the oil system .When the pressure drops to the lower limit of the pressure gauge, turn on the power; when the pressure reaches the upper limit, cut off the power and stop the oil supply. The oil circulates in this way to ensure the pressure in the process of filtering the material.

D. The plate and frame box filter press mechanism is composed of a pair of plates, frames, fabrics and extruded films. Both sides of the plate are covered with a cloth. If extruded films are required, a set of plates consists of a single-layer floor and one side. Flat film The 2 sides of the filter are wrapped with a rubber membrane, and the outside of the membrane is wrapped with a filter cloth, which is an ordinary filter cloth. That substance enters each room through the time hole on the thrust plate. The solid particles are trapped in the room because their size is larger than that of the filter. The pores of the medium (cloth), the liquid flows out of the tray from the liquid pores under the filter. When the cake needs to be dried, in addition to being squeezed by the separator, compressed air or steam can also be used to enter from the laundry port, and the airflow can wash the cake reduce the moisture content of the cake.