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What is the operating principle of the double-stage filter? What is the difference between it and the traditional filter?
- 2019-12-16-

When it comes to dual-stage filters, many people must be familiar with it. However, few people know about its operating principle. Compared with traditional filters, what is the difference? We invite Tianli Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Professional technicians come to answer this question!

product description:

Double-stage filter, also known as double-link switching filter, is composed of 2 stainless steel bag filters in series. .

working principle:

Two stainless steel bag filters are connected in series, and the two filters can be used alternately. The filter bag can be changed without stopping the machine, or the two machines can work at the same time (that is, continuous work without stopping for 24 hours).


1. The two-stage filter can operate continuously without stopping;

2. The filter can be used for one backup, one can switch back and forth, and it can also be used at the same time to improve work efficiency;

3. The stainless steel double-stage filter has many advantages, such as reasonable structure, small footprint, good sealing, strong flow capacity and easy operation;

4. The stainless steel two-stage filter can be switched to a variety of combinations of bag filters, such as bag type plus bag type, filter element plus filter element, and other filter systems. Accuracy, and can quickly replace the filter bag, so that the operating cost is reduced;

5. The surface of the filter is polished by mechanical sandblasting, which is uniform and easy to clean. It can also be mirror-polished at a sanitary level.

Compared with traditional products, the advantages of dual-stage filters:

Compared with the traditional filter, the double-stage filter has higher filtration precision, adopts the high-pressure backwash function, does not need to replace the filter element, and realizes the microfiltration product that can quickly restore the flux without interrupting the water production. The accuracy can achieve a real high filtering effect, and it also has a high effect in terms of performance maintenance.