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The use of the filter plates of the diaphragm filter press should be checked regularly
- 2020-01-09-

Since the diaphragm filter press is usually used in harsh environments, it does not contain a certain concentration of acid gas and is full of kerosene, alkaline dust, etc. In the long run, these corrosive chemicals have accumulated on electrical components. Damage. This can cause electrical failure and cause the control button to become unresponsive. When the diaphragm filter press has a condition where the control button operation is invalid, first check the structure and contact of the diaphragm filter press control button.

Check method: Press the corresponding button and observe whether the corresponding node indicator of the PLC input is lit. If it is lit, the button is not faulty, if the response button is not lit, please check the relevant terminal line.

The operation of the diaphragm filter press is to generate a strong force on the filter plate through the hydraulic system, only in this way can a single filter plate form a necessary part of the operation of the equipment - the filter chamber, that is to say a certain number of filter plates under strong pressure When this pressure inadvertently exceeds the tolerance of the filter plate, the filter plate will naturally rupture and be damaged. The maintenance cost of the filter plate is usually high, in order to avoid these unnecessary high costs, the user should take preventive measures in advance. In addition to controlling In addition to working pressure and avoiding filter plate wear, the use of the filter plate should also be checked regularly, and the cracks on the filter plate should be observed. If new cracks are added to the filter plate, it means that the filter plate may be broken.

When the material is unloaded, the raised edge around the filter plate of the diaphragm filter is prone to wear. Once the edge is severely worn, the filter chamber of the assembled filter cannot be sealed, and the liquid under high pressure inside the filter will be discharged from the filter chamber. .If the wear leaks or sprays out, the diaphragm filter will increase the wear of the filter plate during the movement of the liquid, and the result is a complete failure of the filter plate.