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Automatic filter presses and mechanical filter presses
- 2020-01-28-

There is not much difference in the principle of filtration separation between automatic filter press and mechanical filter press. According to different needs, the filter chamber of automatic filter press can be designed as automatic, van, partition, and the same medium required. To prevent separation to complete. But in order to better complete the automatic process of automatic filter press, automatic filter press has precise treatment in some details, such as the inclination of the recess in the filter plate, the pressure on the filter plate The distribution and size of small particles, the design size and orientation of the inlet and outlet holes, the handle of the device with rollers, etc.

Compared with the filtrate, the moisture dryness of the filter cake after filtering by the automatic filter press has also been further improved. The uniformly filtered moisture can reach below 30%, and the shape is more evenly shaped, which is beneficial to the filter plate. Recycling application. In terms of energy, the automatic filter press has fundamentally got rid of the period when the filter press was directly provided by the motor, and adopted the hydraulic pressure with better control and stable pressure, which saves electric energy and is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving. .

From the perspective of filtration efficiency, the operating environment temperature of the automatic filter press is too high, which makes the hydraulic device stop working, which can cause the temperature of the hydraulic oil to be too high, and the temperature of the hydraulic chamber to be too high. The temperature will also be transmitted to the filter cloth in contact with it. At different temperatures, the pores of the filter cloth will also change to a certain extent. When the temperature is high, the temperature of the fibers in the filter cloth will also increase, and the pore size of the filter cloth will also increase. It also increases slightly, so the increase in temperature will also increase the filtration efficiency to a certain extent.

When it comes to the effect of temperature on the working state of the automatic filter press, I think the biggest one is the temperature of the filtered liquid.

Let's talk about the influence of the ambient temperature on the work of the automatic filter press. The temperature of the filtered liquid directly affects the filtration efficiency of the filter press, and whether the filtration can operate normally. Therefore, when we use the hydraulic filter press in summer, We should pay more attention to the changes in the hydraulic system. When the temperature of the filtrate exceeds the design temperature of the filter press and exceeds the temperature of the filter plate, it will directly lead to the deformation of the filter plate of the filter press, or make the filter plate’s acid resistance and resistance. The alkali function is reduced, or the decay of the filter plate is accelerated.

In the process of using the automatic filter press, in order to make better use of the filter press, we have done certain researches in all aspects. Then, in the process of using the filter press, the temperature in the environment What kind of impact will it have on the filter press, what kind of performance, and what should we do about it. Today's filter press equipment has more or less circuits. Everyone knows that the circuit is in a high temperature environment, coupled with its own fever. , the line will sometimes be natural, that is, why some equipment that has been around for a long time will appear in the summer. The temperature of the filtered liquid increases, and the mobility of the water molecules is also stronger, so the water is more easily removed from the filter cloth. outflow.

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