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What are the forms of rice wine filter press?
- 2020-01-17-

  Rice wine filter pressThere are two forms of open flow and dark flow. The filtrate is directly discharged from the outlet hole of each filter plate, which is called open flow. If the filtrate is not pure, the liquid outlet of the plate can be closed; if the filtrate of each filter plate is confluent and discharged out of the machine through a liquid outlet pipeline, it is called dark flow, and the dark flow is used for the suspension of the filtrate which is volatile or harmful to the human body. filter.

The filter press can be divided into two types: washable and non-washable according to whether the filter residue needs to be washed. The washable type is called washable type, otherwise it is called non-washable type. One form, the plate with washing liquid inlet holes is called perforated filter plate (also called washing plate), and the one without washing liquid inlet hole is called non-porous filter plate (also called non-washing plate). Washable Type filter press is divided into one-way washing and two-way washing. One-way washing is a combination of perforated filter plates and non-porous filter plates. The two-way washing filter plates are all perforated filter plates, but two adjacent filters The washing holes of the plate should be staggered and cannot pass through the washing liquid at the same time. Diaphragm squeezing type: After the filtration is completed, air squeezing can effectively improve the solid content of the filter cake, especially for the solid content of more than 40%. The liquid mixture is a good separation equipment, which can generally increase the solid content by 25%-30% compared with ordinary vans.