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What should I do if the frame of the plate cardboard filter is deformed? Learn these tricks to solve it easily
- 2020-01-02-

solvePlate cardboard filterThe method of frame deformation, in terms of the performance of the plate cardboard filter, is also constantly narrowing the gap with similar foreign equipment. However, in the face of the long-term use of the plate cardboard filter, it may face the problem of frame deformation, which is correct and effective. Processing method:

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1. To solve the problem of frame modification of the plate cardboard filter, firstly, it is necessary to see whether the anchor screws of the filter press are tight.

2. After cleaning the filter plates and filter cloths of the plate cardboard filter and installing them neatly, observe the direction of the inclination and bending of the frame. Arrange the filter plates in the direction of the stop plate. If the beam is bent to the left, leave ten points at the bend. 5 to 2 ten filter plates are pulled at an angle of 4 to 5 degrees, and they are forced to the right, and the remaining other filter plates are arranged neatly to the end of the pressing plate. Press the start button of the plate cardboard filter, and press the filter plate. When the angle of the filter plate is 4 to 5 degrees, squeeze the force to the right, pay attention to the pressure control, and relax the filter plate after reaching the equilibrium point.

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The above is the method of deformation of the frame of the plate cardboard filter explained by the editor of the filter press. If you want to know more, please call us. Filter, box filter press, pipeline sludge filter press, vacuum belt filter, plate cardboard filter, diaphragm filter press, sludge filter press, sand washing mud filter and other series of filtration equipment.