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Facing the high temperature in summer, what are the good secrets of "heat escape" for filter press equipment
- 2020-09-27-

Facing the high temperature in summer, what are the good secrets of "heat escape" for filter press equipment

This year, the extended version of 3-volt days is coming. During the scorching summer, when working in high temperature conditions of up to 34 degrees Celsius, people will sweat profusely and feel the heat is unbearable. In severe cases, heat stroke may occur. Then the machine is no exception, filter press equipment It will also be easier to exceed the workload due to high temperature, resulting in frequent failures. Today, the editor will summarize what phenomena will occur in the "heat stroke" of the filter press equipment.

The traditional filter press equipment, the filter plate is made of polypropylene plastic material, when exposed to sunlight, it will accelerate the change with the oxygen molecules in the air, so that the plastic filter plate oxidizes and deteriorates, becoming hard and fragile , so the filter plate is easily damaged, resulting in an increase in the maintenance cost of the filter press equipment.

At high temperature, the evaporation of hydraulic oil will not only reduce the amount of hydraulic oil, but also cause changes in the molecules of hydraulic oil. The volume of hydraulic oil will change with the change of pressure, and the oil volume will be unstable, which is not conducive to filter press. machine equipment work.

The hydraulic system is the part that works frequently in the filter press equipment. In addition, the hydraulic system itself bears the pressure of the filter press equipment on the filter plate. The high-pressure filter press equipment can withstand the pressure of tens of MPa. The energy is very high, so that the hydraulic oil itself has a higher temperature. Under the high temperature conditions in summer, the temperature of the hydraulic oil may reach the working limit, which is very unfavorable for the oil seal and easy to age.

To sum up, the filter press equipment also needs a relatively cool environment to work well, and it is strictly forbidden to expose to the sun.