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Analyze the heating problem of the diaphragm filter press
- 2020-10-10-

Analyze the heating problem of the diaphragm filter press

In the normal use of the diaphragm filter press, the hydraulic system will generate heat. Generally speaking, this heat generation will not affect the use of the filter press. Next, our filter press editor will analyze the formation of the diaphragm filter press. Causes of overheating and how to deal with it.

We know that compared with the box filter press, the diaphragm filter press generally bears higher pressure, so it has higher requirements for the hydraulic system. On the one hand, the flow rate is larger and the pressure is higher. On the other hand, the power of the oil pump is also The hydraulic system of the filter press is closely related to the temperature. When the hydraulic station is running, the oil pump runs at a high speed and the pressure is high, and the oil temperature will rise to a certain extent. For a normal filter press The hydraulic system generally does not affect the actual use. For large hydraulic systems, the temperature can be controlled by installing a heat sink, so that the filter press can operate normally. Our hydraulic system has a unique oil circuit design, energy saving and environmental protection. heat phenomenon, to ensure stable operation.

However, if the hydraulic system is overheated due to the following reasons, it needs to be repaired in time. We know that the hydraulic system generally enters an automatic pressure-holding state after reaching the set pressure, and the oil pump will automatically stop running. But if the oil pump keeps working, then This phenomenon is accompanied by overheating of the hydraulic system, so it may be caused by the following reasons: the pressure-holding valve is blocked. This is a common reason. The pressure-holding valve is also called a one-way valve. function, which causes the motor to run all the time. Generally speaking, the valve body itself has a long life without quality problems. It is very likely that the oil quality is poor, and there are solid impurities in the hydraulic oil. Therefore, normal use can be restored after cleaning. .

Once you find that the filter press is overheated, you should find out the cause and solve it in time. If you need filter press maintenance, you can also contact us.

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