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How does a soy sauce press work?
- 2020-09-14-

How does a soy sauce press work?

When fruits and vegetables and other food industries need to carry out solid-liquid separation and pressing operations, they often need to use industrialized processing equipment. So do you know what kind of equipment we need to use in processing? After market research, we can find that the general use of presses There are many cases of this kind of equipment, so let's take a look at the introduction of this kind of equipment:


The press is one of the equipment for small and medium-sized fruit and vegetable, fruit wine or chemical production enterprises. Generally, there are different forms such as double screw pressing and hydraulic pressing. On the market, screw pressing equipment is more common.

The working process of the screw press is as follows: the conveying screw pushes the material entering the material box to the pressing screw, the screw pitch of the pressing screw is reduced and the shaft diameter is increased, and under the action of the screen wall and the cone resistance, the material contained in the material is reduced. The liquid (juice) is squeezed out. The squeezed liquid flows out from the sieve hole and is concentrated in the juice hopper. The squeezed fruit residue is discharged from the machine between the end of the sieve cylinder and the cone. The part is equipped with a spring, and by adjusting the pre-tightening force and position of the spring, the discharge resistance and the size of the slag outlet can be changed to adjust the dryness and wetness of the pressing.