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What are the steps of belt filter press dehydration?
- 2020-09-09-

What are the steps of belt filter press dehydration?

The whole dehydration process of the belt filter press can be divided into four key links: preparatory treatment, force dehydration, prestressed tension dehydration in the wedge area and extraction dehydration.

1, Dense dehydration: chemical pretreatment stage

The belt filter press has relatively high requirements on the flocculation effect. This machine adopts a special dosing mixer to achieve rapid flocculation and achieve the flocculation effect.

Belt filter press real shot

2. Gravity dehydration: gravity concentration dehydration stage

The sludge is evenly fed into the mesh belt through the cloth hopper, the sludge runs forward with the filter belt, and the free water flows into the water receiving tank through the filter belt under the action of its own weight. Reduced sexuality in preparation for further squeezing.

3, low\/medium pressure dehydration: wedge-shaped pre-pressing dehydration stage

After gravity dewatering, it is still difficult to meet the requirements of sludge fluidity in the pressing and dewatering section. After this stage, the slight pressing and dewatering ensures the smooth pressing and dewatering of the sludge.

Belt filter press structure

4. High pressure dehydration: the dehydration stage of the pair press

The upper and lower filter belts are used to repeatedly squeeze and shear the filter cake around the press roll, which removes a large amount of capillary water and gradually reduces the water content of the filter cake.