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Why frontline workers say diaphragm filter presses are better
- 2021-05-07-

Why frontline workers say diaphragm filter presses are better

The barrier filter press adopts the principle of compressed air, which belongs to the filtration process of high-efficiency dehydration. After the initial kneading of the filter plate, the tympanic membrane will be inflated (or filled with liquid) again to achieve a more adequate filtration effect and greatly reduce the water content of the filter cake. Moreover, in recent years, machines have been widely used in petroleum, chemical, food, electronics, ceramics, textiles and other industries. After the feeding process, the filter cake is pressed by high pressure through the tympanic membrane, which greatly reduces the water content of the filter cake. Fully active treatment also reduces A lot of manual labor, in some processes, the drying process can be omitted.

The filter plate used by the barrier filter press has a barrier cavity on 2 sides. Compared with the filter plate of the frame filter press, the barrier filter plate has 2 filter surfaces that can work back and forth: the barrier. When the pressure medium (such as compressed air or liquid) When introduced into the back of the barrier, the barrier will expand towards the filter chamber, that is, after the filtration process is completed, the filter cake will be kneaded again under high pressure. The moisture content of the filter cake is 10-40 percent lower than that of ordinary filter plates. Compared with the box filter press, under certain conditions, the solid content of the filter cake can be increased by more than 2 times, which also greatly reduces the cost of material transportation.

According to the filtration of different raw materials, different raw material membranes and types should be selected to ensure high-quality filtration. The raw materials of the membrane are: mountain gum, nitrile rubber, Teflon, etc. The barrier filter press has good filtration effect and high quality , It can save the cost of labor and material secondary treatment, and currently has a positive position in major industries. For example: paint, coating, ceramics, environmental protection, wastewater treatment, construction, sludge, chemical industry, etc. If used for slightly higher viscosity The fluid needs to be equipped with a reducer or a frequency converter, and the same is true for the gear pump.

In addition, the barrier filter press is small in size, easy to transport, requires no foundation, and the equipment is simple and economical. The barrier filter press can be used to transport chemically unstable fluids. Due to the low shear force of the pneumatic pump, the physical impact on the data is very high. Small. For example, photographic data, flocculation liquid, etc. In the construction site, industrial and mining wastewater and other places where the construction environment is relatively poor. Because there are many impurities in the wastewater, the composition is disordered, and the pipeline is easy to block. The barrier filter press can pass particles, and the flow rate can be Adjustment. When the pipeline is blocked, it will automatically stop until it is unblocked. Otherwise, a pair of electric pumps will be overloaded, and the motor will heat up and be easily damaged.