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Maintenance and Care of Diaphragm Filter Presses
- 2021-05-25-

Maintenance and Care of Diaphragm Filter Presses

Diaphragm filter press is a kind of solid-liquid separation equipment, which is very common in major factories and enterprises. Diaphragm filter press must strictly follow the operation steps during use. Necessary losses. In order to obtain high-quality filtration, it is necessary to maintain and routinely maintain the diaphragm filter press.

Maintenance of diaphragm filter presses;

Carefully check whether each joint is firm and whether each component is in good use. If any abnormality is found, the maintenance personnel must be notified in time for maintenance. If it is not used for a long time, please clean the filter cloth and filter plate before drying. To remove the module, you must Disconnect the power supply. Check the bearing and piston rod parts, keep the parts clean and well lubricated to keep the moving parts flexible. Test the insulation and reliability of the electrical control system. If any abnormality is found, repair or replace the electrical parts in time. Before compaction , Carefully check the filter cloth to ensure that it is not folded or damaged, so that it is smooth and intact to ensure the filtering effect. When using, pay attention to check the oil level and oil quality of the hydraulic station, and check whether there is any leakage. If found, replace the sealing ring in time.

During the use of the diaphragm filter press, pay attention to check whether the filter plate is normal. Because some users do not check for a long time, the filter plate may be broken, and the fixing bolts of the ear seat are loose and broken, causing great losses. During the use process, check whether the filter cloth is If damaged, replace it in time; 2. Check the sealing rubber around the filter plate. If it is seriously aged or damaged, it should be replaced in time. The sliding rail and transmission chain of the filter plate should be kept clean and lubricated frequently to reduce the sliding of the filter plate. resistance and prolong the service life of the chain.

As long as we check carefully during use, the diaphragm filter press will not fail during the copying process. In addition, when installing the filter cloth, the seams on the top of each filter plate should be staggered to maintain the seal between the filter plates, tight When fixing the belt, prevent the belt from pressing into the sealing surface of the filter plate. The precautions for the use and maintenance of the diaphragm filter press are believed to be recognized after reading the above contents. Once the diaphragm filter press fails during use , It must be stopped in time to prevent casualties. I hope the above articles can be helpful to everyone.