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Automatic components of automatic filter press
- 2021-07-06-

Automatic components of automatic filter press

Judging from these words, the automatic filter press can perform automatic technical operation, check the working pressure of the oil circuit of the hydraulic press system through the temperature transmitter, and then convert the inspection structure into an identifiable analog input, and then carry out the drawing of the plate. operation, and then carry out automatic technical operation. In addition, it is also set with a photoelectric switch, which makes the operation more convenient and personalized.

After having a general understanding of the automatic filter press, let's talk about its composition.

Improved polypropylene board: During the period, polypropylene has been improved, and glass fiber components have been added. The organic chemical effect is more stable, corrosion resistance, good resistance, light weight, and long-term use.

Anaerobic granular sludge: low water content. Once the filter plate of the filter press is set, the filter cloth of the filter press will be automatically thrown off, and it does not have all functions.

Hydraulic press system: It adopts column structure, which is safe to operate and easy to maintain, including various hydraulic systems, such as this product, hydraulic reversing valve, speed control valve, etc.

Motor control system: PLC programming is used for overall planning, which has the characteristics of firm function, safe and stable operation, strong coordination ability and expansibility, easy to connect with electronic computer, and can be operated at a long distance.

Automatic cleaning mechanical equipment: mainly used for cleaning the filter cloth of the filter press, mainly composed of three parts: cleaning frame, cleaning rod and pressure cleaning pump. The cleaning operation is large in scale, the working pressure is always 1Mpa, and it is a closed operation, and the cleaning effect is very good. very good.

Automatic turning hook system: It is a liquid collector, which can save salt water, reduce costs, and develop economic benefits. For operators, it can also reduce labor efficiency, and it is a very good machine.

It is expected that after the above simple and detailed introduction, we can master the composition of the automatic filter press.