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Filter Press Maintenance Tips
- 2021-06-01-

Filter Press Maintenance Tips

Nowadays, filter press equipment is widely used. For example, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, sugar refining, mineral processing, food, sewage treatment, etc. all require filter press products. Now let's introduce the maintenance and maintenance methods of filter press products.

Of course, no matter how obvious the advantages of the filter press today and how perfect its own function is, as a mechanical device, maintenance is an essential step. According to reports, the working efficiency of the filter press will be affected by factors such as the length of use. In order to maintain the working efficiency of the filter press and better serve the major industries, the filter press needs to be maintained and maintained in daily life.

The maintenance of the hydraulic system of the filter press is to check and maintain the tightness of the hydraulic components and interfaces. At the same time, the operator also needs to regularly check the parts such as pull plates, sprockets and chains, and keep them clean to ensure their flexibility. Here is a reminder to press The filter operator should develop the habit of carefully checking the firmness of each part of the filter press at any time, and notify the maintenance personnel in time if any abnormality is found. 1-5 MPa pressure compression. The filter cloth should be cleaned and dried, and the exposed parts of the piston rod and integrated block should be coated with butter.

In fact, the maintenance of the filter press will only take up a little time for the operator, and it will be very troublesome because there are many small details to pay attention to. But we must be careful to maintain our filter press equipment. It is not just a device, it is a "Environmentalists" in our lives.

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