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Share the function introduction of each component of the filter press
- 2021-06-08-

The filter press is a commonly used solid-liquid separation equipment, which can exert a certain pressure on the working object to make the liquid dialyze out of the solid. Today, we will talk about the functions of each part of the filter press in detail.

1. Electrical control system

This is the brain device of the filter press, which can control the working actions of various departments. It consists of PLC, relays, contactors, various switches, buttons, and indicator lights. Among them, PLC is the electronic control center of the device, which has a program To control the switch of the entire device, responsible for the command input of the pressure gauge and each button, and the execution of the action.

2. Hydraulic system

This is the power source of the filter press, which consists of oil tank, hydraulic oil and hydraulic circuit, various pipelines and pressure gauges. The hydraulic circuit can control the working action of the oil cylinder and the motor. The hydraulic circuit of the motor and the hydraulic circuit of the oil cylinder form a large filter press machine.

3. Holy Communion

The oil cylinder, the main beam, the thrust plate and the bracket form the frame, and then the compression plate and the filter plate are placed on the main beam, the transmission system runs through the entire frame, and various pipelines are distributed on the compression plate and the thrust plate, effectively form a large whole.

4. Cylinder part

The piston rod of the oil cylinder drives the compression plate of the equipment to rotate, and the filter plate and filter cloth are pressed into the gap between the compression plate and the thrust plate; after the hydraulic oil enters the front end of the oil cylinder, it drives the piston rod to retract, that is, the pressure plate retracts, that is Pull the plate to unload. This pressure will provide sealing force to the filter plate.

5. Platen part

This is a set of combination. The roller supports the pressure plate on the track and can slide back and forth on the track. The piston rod of the oil cylinder is connected with it, the thrust is transmitted by the pressure plate, and the pressure plate can be evenly pressed on the filter plate. The pressure of the oil cylinder stops when pressed , the pressure plate stops, and is sensed by the proximity switch when it returns.

6. Filter section

This is the core part of the filter press. The filter plate, the filter screen and the filter cloth installed on the filter plate are installed on the main beam in a certain order to form a filter chamber. During filtering, the material can be pumped into each filter through the feed port. A filter chamber, the muddy water enters the filter chamber and is on the filter cloth. The solid remains in the filter chamber and becomes a dry filter cake, and the filtrate is discharged through the holes on the filter plate and the outlet pipe.

7. Part of the thrust plate

This part is linked with the two main beams, and the top force of the oil cylinder acts directly on the thrust plate.

8. Main beam

The main beam bears the weight of the equipment, bears the full gravity of the pressure plate, the filter part and the filter cake, and bears the pulling force generated by the advance of the oil cylinder.

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