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How to Improve the Working Efficiency of Belt Sludge Filter Press
- 2021-06-18-

How to Improve the Working Efficiency of Belt Sludge Filter Press

Belt sludge filter press has the characteristics of low and stable sludge moisture content, low energy consumption and simple operation, and currently occupies a large proportion in the market. Therefore, many people want to ensure or improve the filtration and dehydration of sludge, they must find Several critical points (flocculant, belt speed, sludge inflow).

1. Flocculant technology

When using a belt filter, if the dosage is insufficient, the conditioning effect is not good, and the capillary water in the sludge cannot be converted into free water, which is removed in the gravity zone, so the sludge entering the low-pressure zone from the wedge-shaped zone is still fluid and cannot be removed. Extrusion. On the contrary, if the dosage is too large, the treatment cost will increase first, and more importantly, due to the increase of sludge activity, it is easy to form blockage of the filter belt. For different types of sludge, it is necessary to select the flocculant reasonably through experiments to determine the flocculant. amount to obtain a satisfactory flocculation effect.

2. Belt speed control

The running speed of the filter belt controls the dewatering time of the sludge in each working area, which affects the solid content of the mud cake, the thickness of the mud cake and the difficulty of the mud cake peeling. The lower the belt speed, the higher the solid content of the mud cake, and the more The thicker the cake, the easier it is to peel off the track; on the contrary, the higher the belt speed, the lower the solid content of the mud cake, and the thinner the cake, the harder it is to peel off. Therefore, from the quality of the mud cake, the lower the belt speed, the better , but the belt speed directly affects the processing capacity of the dehydrator. For a special sludge, there is a belt speed control range within this range. The dehydrator can not only ensure a certain processing capacity, but also obtain a high solid recovery rate. High-quality mud cake. For mixed sludge composed of primary sludge and activated sludge, the belt speed should generally be controlled at 25m\/min. When the amount of sludge is high, high belt speed is adopted, otherwise, low belt speed is adopted. General activity Sludge should not be dewatered by belt filter press alone, otherwise the belt speed should be controlled below 1.0 m\/min, the processing capacity is very low, and it is extremely uneconomical. Regardless of the amount of sludge, the belt speed should not exceed 5m\/min, because the belt speed If the speed is too high, the time of gravity dehydration will be greatly shortened, so that the sludge in the wedge-shaped area cannot meet the kneading requirements. After entering the low-pressure area or high-pressure area, the sludge will be kneaded and overflow the filter belt to form runoff.

3. Mud inlet

The processing capacity of the belt dehydrator has 2 goals: one is the amount of sludge, and the other is the solid load of the sludge. The amount of sludge and the solid load of the sludge depends on the belt speed, filter belt tension and sludge conditioning, while the belt speed , tension and conditioning depend on the desired dewatering, i.e. the solids content of the sludge cake and the solids recovery.

Therefore, when the sludge properties and dewatering effect are constant, the sludge inflow and solid load are also constant. If the sludge inflow or solid load is too high, the dehydration will decrease. During the operation, the belt speed and tension should be adjusted repeatedly. and dosage parameters to obtain the sludge inflow and solid load of our plant, which is convenient for management.