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Diaphragm filter press performance
- 2021-08-02-

The membrane filter plate of the diaphragm filter press consists of 2 membranes and a core plate. After the preliminary filtration is completed, the filter cake is restricted twice by introducing a high-pressure medium, and then the moisture content of the sludge cake is further reduced. Diaphragm filter press The filter plate is made of polypropylene. Compared with the general filter plate made of rubber or other materials, it is not easily affected by the acidity and alkalinity of sludge. It has strong stability and can maintain excellent pressure filtration for a long time .

The membrane filter press is a filter press with an elastic membrane between the filter plate and the filter cloth. During the application process, when the feeding is completed, high-pressure fluid or gas medium can be injected into the membrane plate, and the entire membrane will expand the filter cake. Then the filter cake is further dehydrated, which is generally called filter press filtration. The filter press in which the filter chamber is a leaf filter plate can be roughly divided into 2 types, namely chamber filter press and diaphragm filter press. On the basis of the same filter chamber volume and filtration area, the cost of the diaphragm filter press is higher than that of the box filter press. On the one hand, because of the different filter plate structure, on the other hand, the diaphragm filter press is more expensive than the box filter With higher working pressure, it has higher strength requirements for filter plate, frame and hydraulic components.

One-shot injection molding. The diaphragm filter plate is made of 2 diaphragms made of polypropylene and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and a hollow box that is heat-pressed into the filter plate. The diaphragm of the diaphragm filter plate also uses synthetic rubber as an elastic film sheet .In order to ensure that the diaphragm of the diaphragm filter plate is limited by the material twice, the internal pressure is filled with pressurized water or compressed air without cracking or pressure leakage, which not only requires high temperature and high pressure to limit the process. It also needs to use a box filter to improve Cooling and internal stress for a long time. Therefore, different materials, structures and corresponding high-strength working conditions are designed, so the cost of the diaphragm filter press is higher than that of the chamber filter press of the same capacity.

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