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What should I pay attention to when cleaning a stainless steel filter press?
- 2021-07-22-

When the stainless steel filter press is used for solid-liquid separation, long-term work will lead to long-term contact between the filter cloth and the filtrate, coupled with strong pressure, the solid particles in the filtrate will increasingly adhere to the filter cloth superior.

The filter cloth is woven with tight holes, which makes the filter cloth form a special structure, making it difficult for the solid particles in the filter cloth to be discharged. Once these particles accumulate more, the filter hole standard of the filter cloth will be blocked. The filtration speed of the natural filter cloth is greatly reduced, resulting in low equipment function.

Before cleaning, we need to understand the properties of the filter cloth filter in order to choose the corresponding cleaning method. When the filtrate is in the acid solution, the filter cloth should be soaked in weak alkaline water, generally soaked for 10 times, soaked for 24 hours, and then gently wiped for a few Return to the filter cloth, rinse with clean water, and dry to 90 percent dry.

When cleaning the stainless steel filter press, the manual method can generally be used. Gently remove the filter from the structure and soak it in water. If soaked in warm water, the effect is better. After soaking for an hour, you can repeat the friction by hand , It is also good to add detergent. You can also use a brush, that is, a general household shoe brush can gently brush off the impurities on the filter cloth

Hydraulic oil, like the blood of a stainless steel filter press, plays a lubricating role and causes the stainless steel filter press to generate pressure. For a long period of time, the hydraulic oil will emulsify, and the hydraulic oil will work in a high-pressure sealed environment. When the surface of the stainless steel filter press is washed, impurities will be mixed in the hydraulic oil, which will accelerate the oxidation and deterioration of the hydraulic oil. At this time, the hydraulic oil will not be able to protect the stainless steel filter press. Therefore, cleaning the stainless steel filter press equipment Also pay attention to the hydraulic oil and replace it when you need it.