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Working cycle mechanism of automatic filter press
- 2021-09-10-

The filter press is based on the kneading and shaping of the filter plate, so that the water in the sludge is discharged according to the filter cloth, so as to achieve the purpose of drying. The bottom is closely arranged in a row, the filter plate surface and the center of the filter plate surface form a filter room, the filter material is sent into the filter room under a weak positive pressure, and the solid part of the filter material entering the filter room is filtered material (such as filter cloth). ) The anaerobic granular sludge occurs in the interception, and part of the liquid is discharged to the filter chamber through the filtered material, so as to achieve the purpose of solid-liquid separation equipment. The following editor will specifically introduce a basic filter press in the operation of the circulation system. stage.

1. Squeeze the filter press

The gradual D step of the circulation system is to compress the filter press. The filter plate of the filter press is movable. According to the promotion of the piston rod of the oil cylinder, the filter plate of the filter press is closely arranged one by one. The working pressure of the hydraulic cylinder is controlled by hydraulic pressure. The transmission system is given and operated, and the pressure can be automatically added when the pressure is dropped (called a fully automatic pressure test filter press) to ensure the pressing force of the hydraulic cylinder. The pressing force of the hydraulic cylinder is the main parameter index of the filter press. A sufficient pressing force is the precondition to ensure no overflow and no anchor shot, and it is the basis of the de-drying characteristics of the filter press.

2. Feeding (feeding)

Turn on the feeding pump to feed the filter press. The raw material is injected into the filter chamber, and the filter cake is gradually formed. The solid part is left on the surface of the filter cloth (each filter plate is covered with filter cloth), and the liquid part penetrates into the filter. It flows into the leachate inlet and outlet along the drainage groove on the filter plate. The filtering working pressure is low at the beginning, with the gradual generation of anaerobic granular sludge, the working pressure in the filter chamber gradually expands, and the filter cake is squeezed and removed. Dry.

3. Overthinking

Generally, it can be distinguished according to several methods. The whole process of filtering has already been carried out. D. One is to see that the discharge of the drainage port has been very little, indicating that the filter cake has been squeezed enough, and basically no leachate is discharged. The second is to observe Feeding pump, when the feeding pump is working, the time interval gradually extends the diaphragm pump 2 times of kneading and forming center spacing is around 30-60 seconds, indicating that it has already been filled.

4. Pour material

The piston rod of the oil cylinder retreats, driving the pressing plate backwards, and emptying the inner space of the material pouring between the filter plates. Then open the filter plates one by one to remove the anaerobic granular sludge between the filter plates. When pouring materials, be careful to remove the filter cloth. The residual precipitation can be prevented from accumulating on the protruding surface. The next pressing will lead to the occurrence of such conditions as the tightness is too loose It depends on the acceptance of the quantity. Generally, we recommend Guangzhou Sun Yat-Sen University to choose the automatic drawing board for the type, and the type with a large number of boards to choose the automatic drawing board.