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5 major shortcomings of my country's diaphragm filter press that need to be broken!
- 2020-06-28-

5 major shortcomings of my country's diaphragm filter press that need to be broken!

The 5 major shortcomings of my country's diaphragm filter press need to be broken! Diaphragm filter press, as the first of the three major filter presses, is one of the new industrial equipment in the 21st century. With the continuous development of industrial equipment technology, the mechanical industry continues to develop, and consumer demand is increasing. , At the same time, it also promoted the high-speed development of the diaphragm filter press.

But my country's diaphragm filter press still has the following shortcomings:

1. Lack of innovation ability, draw a gourd according to the pattern. Enterprises lack innovation ability. In the past, most of the time they relied on plagiarism and imitation to maintain the production of products, unable to innovate twice, unable to adapt to market systematization and modular supply requirements .The output value is decreasing year by year, the benefit is declining year by year, and some enterprises cannot even maintain normal operation and go to the dilemma of closing.

2. The product has a low degree of automation integration and a short lifespan. Although the price of foreign products is several times or even ten times higher, these products have a high degree of automation integration, excellent quality and long service life, and are still popular.

3. The supporting level of basic components is poor. There are few supporting manufacturers of basic components for domestic products, few standard varieties, and the supporting level is still poor. The performance and application reliability of electrical components, hydraulic components, and power components are not high. It also affects the development of domestic products.

4. Low production capacity. Most domestic enterprises have a low degree of specialization in independent production, backward skill levels, and cashless production processes, resulting in product quality that cannot be guaranteed and low production capacity.

5. Blind investment. Many small enterprises saw the strong demand in the market earlier and invested in one after another. Because some filter press manufacturers have a weak foundation and poor foundation, the products produced are mixed, and the price is low, which seriously disrupts the normal operation of the market. order.

To find out the cause and location, we can prescribe the right medicine. In order to achieve stable and long-term development, filter press enterprises must change the above five conditions, complete the innovative development of filter press products, and take every step of the way.