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Reasons and solutions for the turbidity of the automatic filter press
- 2020-06-24-

Reasons and solutions for the turbidity of the automatic filter press

If the output of the automatic filter press is turbid, it may be the leakage between the filter plate and the diaphragm plate. The main reasons are: high pressure and flow of the material pump; insufficient oil pressure; filter cloth pleats or holes in the filter cloth; The sealing surface of filter plate and diaphragm plate contains debris, etc.

The treatment method is also relatively simple. According to the cause of the failure, the pump pressure and flow can be readjusted, and the oil pressure can be increased. During the filter press process, the cleaning and smoothness of the filter cloth are often ensured. For the debris between the sealing surfaces of the 2 plates, each filter cloth should be rinsed after the last cycle is completed in each shift.

It is also possible that the stitching of the filter cloth of the automatic filter press is open, and the filter cloth should be removed and stitched again; or the selection of the filter cloth is improper. When choosing the filter cloth, you should choose according to some characteristics of your own filtrate. suitable filter cloth.

Improper selection will easily cause the filter cloth to fail quickly, and if the turbidity occurs in this case, it will gradually become serious, and problems will generally occur in almost all parts of the filter cloth. Or the opening of the selected filter cloth If it is too large, at this time, it is necessary to replace the appropriate filter cloth.

The turbidity of the output of the automatic filter press has a great impact on the work efficiency. If the output is found to be turbid, it should be repaired in time. However, if the automatic filter press only starts to work, the output is turbid, and then gradually becomes clear. This is normal phenomenon.