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3 factors to reduce the cost of using a filter press
- 2020-12-31-

3 factors to reduce the cost of using a filter press

Economical use has become an eternal topic in all walks of life. How to reduce the use cost of the filter press? For most users who use the box-type high-pressure filter press, in addition to paying attention to the working efficiency of the filter press, at the same time Most of them are concerned about the cost of use. If the equipment is properly used or maintained, the cost savings from a long-term perspective will be considerable, and the accumulation will add up. So today, the filter press manufacturer will introduce to you how to reduce the cost of Cost of using high pressure filter press.

1, filter plate

Most of the filter plates of the current box-type high-pressure filter press are made of polypropylene material, which is caused by the working environment of the equipment. If the filter plate of the filter press is not well maintained, the cost of replacing the filter plate will be increased. It's a small fee.

2, filter cloth

Filter cloth is one of the materials that are easily damaged in the chamber high pressure filter press, and it is also a large part of the equipment cost. On the other hand, the filter cloth should also be cleaned.

3, hydraulic oil

There are two main aspects of hydraulic oil saving: anti-leakage and anti-pollution. First of all, we must close the filling valve of the hydraulic system and the direct contact channel of the hydraulic oil, so as to reduce as much as possible.

Contamination of hydraulic oil by external substances, so that the replacement of hydraulic oil can be reduced as much as possible, which may save a part of the cost. Compared with the hydraulic system, when the hydraulic oil circulates in the hydraulic system, the hydraulic system is affected by environmental factors. The hydraulic system will gradually age and leak. Therefore, we should regularly check the sealing ring and other positions. Once a leak occurs, we should stop the work in time and repair it in time to reduce the leak as much as possible.

Tips: The hydraulic oil of the box-type high-pressure filter press is kept at 45-85 percent, and it must not be too slow or too little.