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The difference between mechanical plate and frame filter press and hydraulic filter press
- 2021-01-08-

The difference between mechanical plate and frame filter press and hydraulic filter press

The pressure of the mechanical plate and frame filter press on the filter plate mainly comes from the rotation of the motor of the filter press equipment. The gear is driven by the rotation of the motor, and the screw connected to the filter plate is moved forward or backward through the gear, so as to realize The filter press applies pressure to the filter chamber, squeezes and pulls back the filter plate, and the two processes of relaxation.

Hydraulic filter press is an intermittent pressure filter equipment used for solid-liquid separation of various suspensions. It is two different equipment from mechanical plate and frame filter press. Then hydraulic filter press and mechanical plate What is the difference and connection between frame filter presses? For hydraulic filter presses and mechanical plate and frame filter presses, they have essential differences in the pressure source of the filter press, which is mainly reflected in the supply of pressure way is different.

The hydraulic filter press realizes the action of the machine through the hydraulic system. The hydraulic system of the hydraulic filter press includes three parts: the hydraulic station, the hydraulic chamber and the controller. The hydraulic oil is transmitted through the pumping of the hydraulic station, and the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic station is transferred. It is transmitted into the conduit, and then the conduit sends the hydraulic oil into the forward chamber or the backward chamber of the hydraulic chamber through the controller, to promote the piston of the hydraulic chamber to push back and forth, and then the lead screw will transmit the power to the filter chamber of the filter press. Push the filter plate.

In essence, the hydraulic filter press is developed on the basis of the mechanical plate and frame filter press. The hydraulic filter press integrates many advantages of the mechanical plate and frame filter press, and the pressure it provides has obvious advantages. The full mechanization of the equipment has completely changed the situation of manual filter presses relying on manual maintenance; the alkali resistance, acid resistance and wear resistance have been significantly improved, and it is more suitable for harsh working environments; it can be used in more industries.

Hydraulic filter press has the advantages of good separation effect and convenient use. It is widely used in various fields that require solid-liquid separation, such as petroleum, chemical industry, dyestuff, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, food, papermaking, coal washing and sewage treatment. Hydraulic filter press The progress of the filter press is to realize the automatic pressure maintenance of the filter press. It provides the necessary conditions for the automatic filter press, and it is a new beginning for the filter press to fully realize informatization, automation and intelligence. It is also a hydraulic filter press. It will increase the company's labor and other costs.