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Diaphragm filter press filter plate structure improves the travel of the filter plate of conventional box filter presses
- 2022-01-19-

The way to reduce the water content of the filter cake through the diaphragm filter press is to knead and dehydrate the filter cake twice, thus improving the walking of the filter plate of the conventional box filter press. The filter plate is no longer based on polypropylene composite materials, Instead, a purer and more flexible plastic material was selected, so the filter plate of this material can be kneaded tens of thousands of times without cracking and deforming. The external floor plan is also used, not like the filter box of a filter press Collapses to the inside, but the same appearance is also a blind spot to increase the friction between the filter plate and the filter cake to support the filter cake.

In the one-layer membrane filter press, the hollow structure is selected, and the center of the filter plate is made into a hollow sealed space. When the space is filled with packing, the filter plate is larger than the outer one due to the internal pressure. Then it swells, and then The filter cake stored between the filter plates is kneaded to minimize the moisture content of the filter cake. Since the filter press requires a strong pressure during the filtration process, only the hollow filter plate cannot withstand this pressure. Therefore, in the filter plate On the installation, choose the same installation as the plate and frame filter press, and choose the hollow filter plate. A solid filter plate is staggered together, so the filter press can withstand the pressure well in the first filtration process, and in the second filtration process It can be a good focus when kneading.

On the outside of the filter plate, there is also a pipe that carries the material that fills the filter plate, so that this pipe is connected to each hollow filter plate. The unusual design of the filter chamber is an unusual local area of ​​the diaphragm filter press, It is also an important part of the diaphragm filter press.

All sludge slurry pumps mainly have the phenomenon of mud leakage. The bearings and packing of these sludge pumps are sealed. Generally, it is required to check once within half a month. Check the hydraulic station, including the content of hydraulic oil, and the hydraulic coefficient of the hydraulic station. This is because the hydraulic station is an important power part of the diaphragm filter press. Whether it works normally depends on the pressure of the filter chamber of the diaphragm filter press. It is more important to maintain the stable pressure of the filter chamber. It is necessary to check the oil of the air compressor and the speed regulating motor. Observation windows. New equipment is lubricated at the time of purchase, and inspections are generally continued within a month. Check the control of these gases by looking at the actuation of the exhaust valve, and check the pressure relief valve.

In order to view the filter plate, the filter plate of the blade membrane filter press can be seen at the beginning of the filter plate, and the oxidation of the filter plate can be checked. When the filter plate is eroded by water for a long time, the moisture content of the filter plate will be checked, and The depth of water erosion. Regarding the filter cloth of the diaphragm filter press that has been used for a month, we should also check it, mainly to check its filtration, whether it is damaged and whether the filtration flow is normal. Also check the motor and Circuits. See if the current is too high and if the lines are burnt; if there are any wires in the moving parts, the worn areas will avoid damage to animals such as mice.