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Advantages of Diaphragm Filter Press in Industrial Filtration
- 2021-04-13-

Advantages of Diaphragm Filter Press in Industrial Filtration

The difference between the diaphragm filter press used in industry and the ordinary filter press is that a layer of elastic film is installed between the filter plate and the filter cloth. It is a diaphragm filter press. During the use process, after feeding, the elastic film can be added Inject high-pressure fluid or gaseous medium.

At this time, the entire diaphragm will slowly bulge, and the filter cake will be pressed for the second time, so as to achieve further dehydration of the filter cake. This is the filter press that we often hear. Also known as the diaphragm filter press.

The diaphragm filter press is first of all normal filtration, also known as mud dehydration, that is, a certain number of filter plates are closely arranged in a row under the action of strong mechanical force, and a filter chamber is formed between the filter plates. The filtered material is under strong positive pressure. The solid part entering the filter chamber is intercepted by the filter medium (such as filter cloth) to form a filter cake, and the liquid part is discharged from the filter chamber through the filter medium to achieve the purpose of solid-liquid separation, resulting in a lot of waste. Of course, the diaphragm pressure The cost of the filter is more expensive than the ordinary filter press.

Basically, in the industrial process of diaphragm filter press, after slurry feeding and dehydration, in a filter press equipped with rubber extrusion membrane, the compressed medium (such as gas and water) enters the back of the extrusion membrane and pushes the extrusion membrane. Press the film to further dehydrate the extruded filter cake, which is called extrusion dehydration.

When the diaphragm filter press is in use, after slurry feeding and dehydration or extrusion dehydration, the compressed air enters one side of the filter cake in the filter chamber, penetrates the filter cake, and takes away the liquid moisture on the other side of the filter cake through the filter cloth. The dehydration is discharged from the filter chamber, which is called wind-blown dehydration.

If the filter chamber 2 sides of the diaphragm filter press are coated with filter cloth, the liquid part will pass through the filter cloth on the filter chamber 2 side and be discharged from the filter chamber to dehydrate the filter chamber 2 side.

The working performance of the industrial diaphragm filter press is that after dehydration, the mechanical pressure of the filter plate is released, the filter plate is gradually pulled apart, and the filter chamber is opened to unload the cake. , extrusion dehydration, blast dehydration or single-sided, double-sided dehydration, the purpose is to reduce the moisture content of the filter cake. It is a long-term benefit to save its operating costs from transportation and handling.