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Overheating of the diaphragm filter press will damage the filter plate Overheating of the diaphragm filter press will damage the filter plate
- 2021-09-23-

Diaphragm filter press has the advantages of high pressing pressure, good corrosion resistance, convenient repair, safety and reliability. It is the first choice for customers in metallurgy, gas, papermaking, coking, pharmaceutical, food, brewing, fine chemical industry and other industries. Various fields that require solid-liquid separation. Diaphragm filter press is considered to be an alternative upgrade equipment for general box filter press.

In the use of our diaphragm filter press, with our long-term accumulation of work, the diaphragm filter press may have problems of one kind or another. The cause of the operation may only be a trivial matter, just not paying attention to it. But it became out of control.

In the operation of the diaphragm filter press, sometimes you will find that the diaphragm filter press is often overheated. Just please pay attention, because the filter plate of the diaphragm filter press is generally made of plastic, which is made of polypropylene. If the membrane filter press is not heat treated in time, the temperature will always increase, and the filter plate will be replaced frequently to some extent. This will cause unnecessary Waste. Therefore, it is important to do a good job in the inspection and protection of the diaphragm filter press. It is necessary to record the status of the diaphragm filter press frequently. Replace the filter plate in time.

When the diaphragm is pressed, the material must be filled with the filter chamber before pressing. After the pressing, it is necessary to exhaust the air before opening the filter plate for unloading, so as to avoid rupture of the diaphragm. The compressed air pipeline should be checked frequently during work. If it is dropped or leaked seriously, the intake valve should be closed immediately and the vent valve should be opened. After correction, it can be used continuously. Please consult the manufacturer for actual operation instructions.