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Knowledge about the details of the diaphragm filter press
- 2021-09-17-

Diaphragm filter press Throughout the entire filter press equipment market, the more mysterious one is the diaphragm filter press, because it is a filter press equipment that appeared later. Many occupations are recognized and favored, but for many people, the diaphragm filter press is still covered with a mysterious color. Today we will introduce some details of the diaphragm filter press.

First, the filter plate of the diaphragm filter press. For the filter plate of the diaphragm filter press, it has a relatively high degree of similarity compared with the chamber filter press, and can basically reach the same rate of 80 percent. It still adopts the space planning of the shunt channel The undulations of the double-sided depressions are relatively shallow, generally between 1cm2cm, and there are still countless blind spots on the bottom surface. Below the depressions, a drainage channel is planned. However, the diaphragm filter plate is still different from the box filter press filter plate. , no matter how big it is, it will not have bosses, because its depressions are shallower, so there is no need to plan bosses to transmit and bear pressure.

2. The hydraulic system of the diaphragm filter press. The hydraulic system of the diaphragm filter press not only needs to supply the power required for the operation of other filter press equipment, but also provides an expanding power to the filter plate. When the diaphragm filter press When the machine needs the filter plate to expand, the hydraulic system will automatically control the expansion pipeline to be smooth, send the hydraulic oil into the filter plate, expand the filter plate, and then complete the effect of twice extrusion and dehydration of the filter cake. When the plate no longer needs to expand, there is an important detail that needs our attention. This is the device will automatically close the hydraulic oil flow pipe, open the discharge pipe valve at the other end, and then drain the hydraulic oil in the filter plate. It is twitched into the hydraulic tank to make the filter plate return to its original shape, which forms the circulation process of the hydraulic system.