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How does the filter press equipment perform automatic cleaning
- 2021-10-15-

In order to ensure the integrity and practicability of the filter press filter cloth automatic cleaning system, relevant personnel should pay attention to the system structure design to ensure the stability and reliability of the system structure. Next, the following PLC control of the filter press filter cloth cleaning system will be introduced. Systems and cleaning tissue systems.

As an important part of the filter cloth automatic cleaning system, the PLC control system is mainly composed of the following parts, namely touch screen, PLC, and electrical control components. In detailed applications, the control system can realize automatic control of all cleaning operations. This is Because the control system has powerful cleaning functions, such as automatic cleaning function, manual cleaning function, partial linkage cleaning function, etc. Users can switch between these three cleaning functions at will according to their own personalized cleaning needs, and choose the cleaning function that suits them. , The control system has the characteristics of scientific design, convenient operation, powerful functions and strong practicability. By using the control system, users can complete the scientific setting of relevant parameters through the touch screen according to their actual cleaning needs, and improve the cleaning power and effect.

The cleaning organization is mainly composed of the following parts: cleaning racks, waterproof boards, water spray pipes, etc., as well as the water spray pipes installed and fixed beside the cleaning racks. Then, special nozzles are installed on the spray pipes, and the relevant personnel are cleaning , the nozzle will automatically rotate, and a large-area spray method is used to spray many water columns on the filter cloth to ensure that the sprayed water column can evenly cover and clean the filter cloth. In addition, the relevant personnel can scientifically control the water supply according to the actual cleaning needs of the filter cloth. Pressure, scientific control and adjustment of the nozzle angle, so that the cleaning effect of the filter cloth can reach a good state. Large and thin brushes should be installed around the water spray pipe. The brush can not only avoid the splashing phenomenon of cleaning water, but also play a certain role in the cleaning of the filter cloth. The auxiliary effect. It lays a solid foundation for the induction and sorting of dust and sludge.