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Precautions for the use of filter equipment
- 2021-09-15-

1. What should be paid attention to in the operation of the filter is that, regarding the deviation of the filter belt during the operation of the filter, it is necessary to ensure that the deflection direction of the filter is normal, so as to prevent the filter cloth of the filter structure from deviating and ensure the use of the filter. The operation is normal. Of course, if there is a deviation of the filter belt, we must adjust the deviation correction equipment in the filter structure in time. We should remind us that if the adjustment is not timely, it will affect the operation function of the deviation correction equipment.

2. In the explanation of the use of the filter, we should also pay attention to whether the active deviation correction equipment of the filter can ensure the normal operation process of the filter operation process. Because the active deviation correction device is an important part of the filter structure, so the filter Before the normal operation of the machine equipment, it is necessary to check that the active deviation correction equipment of the filter structure is normal, and it is necessary for the staff to remove the fault before it can be used normally.

3. Regarding the important components of the filter structure: deviation correction equipment. When using the filter, we must first ensure that the deviation correction roller slideway is clean and clean, and also pay attention to regularly cleaning the slideway foreign matter or dust, etc., and it is necessary to When needed, add a small amount of lubricating oil to ensure that it does not rust.

4. Now we also want to talk to us about the matters that we should pay attention to when storing the structure and equipment of the filter before the filter is installed. First, we should put the structure and equipment of the filter in the indoor environment. To prevent moisture from rusting the equipment; if the filter equipment must be stored outdoors, then we should pay attention that the filter equipment must be covered with a tarpaulin to prevent adverse effects caused by climate reasons or dust pollution .

5. We should also remind us that generally, the electrical appliances that we do not need will choose to cut off the power supply, but for the filter, remember to keep the power connection after the filter structure is installed, and remember to use lubricating oil often. Lubricate the running parts of the machine, and often check whether the structure is rusted.