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What is the composition basis of vertical press
- 2021-09-28-

The vertical press is mainly composed of pressing equipment, transmission equipment, feeding equipment, motor, discharging equipment, and machine base. The main equipment is the screw rod mechanism in the pressing equipment: taper hollow shaft, screw blade. Drive equipment 3-phase asynchronous motor , Connect the motor and the screw shaft with a coupling. Principle: After the material to be processed is sent from the feeding port, it is squeezed by the screw blade, crushed, and transported forward with the screw, and sent out from the discharge port. The selection considers the working environment and working conditions of the juicer, mainly the axial displacement of the rotating shaft. The movable coupling allows certain installation errors of the two axes, and it has a certain ability to compensate for the offset between the two axes.

Through improvement, it can also be widely used in alcohol plants, fine chemical feed and other industries, used for solid-liquid separation operations of materials containing certain fibers, such as dehydration treatment of potatoes, bamboo shoots and other substances, such as cassava distiller's grains, asparagus slag, etc. The moisture content of the material dehydrated by this machine is less than or equal to 60% (adjustable). Its function is different from the decanter, filter press, vacuum suction filter and ordinary screw press, which can make the waste residue or sludge reach the required level. The dehydration rate is very low and the application is convenient.

The coupling is composed of two half couplings and a cross slider. The two sides of the cross slider are perpendicular to each other to form a moving pair with the grooves of two ten-two couplings. The double cone mixer coupling works When the cross block rolls with the 2-axis, it moves relative to the 2-axis at the same time to compensate the radial displacement of the 2-axis. The radial offset allowed by this coupling is large. It is allowed to have a small angular displacement and axial displacement. Displacement. Centrifugal force will occur due to the eccentric rotation of the cross block, so it is not used in high-speed applications. In order to reduce the wear of the cross block during relative movement and improve the transmission power, it needs to be smoothed regularly. The selection of the design data of the screw shaft The screw rod is a screw juicer The main working parts of the machine are made of stainless steel after casting and finishing.