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How to indicate the type of filter cloth?
- 2021-12-02-

According to the different media to be filtered and different filtering conditions, users often choose different filters to filter the media. It is precisely according to these different conditions that the market has clearly classified these filters, and clearly let users know that in Which type of filter is more appropriate under what circumstances.

There are three common types of filters on the market today, namely gravity filters, vacuum filters and pressure filters. Gravity filters are relatively simple to understand and simple to use, that is, the gravity of the medium itself is used to make it in Separation through the filter screen. This type of filter is generally used when the solid in the medium has a certain weight, such as the medium containing sand and gravel.

As we all know, the main element that plays the filtering function in the filter is the filter plate, and the filter plate providing the filtering function should actually be the filter cloth. Therefore, it can be said that the filter cloth undertakes most of the performance of the filter. Filter cloth is very important for filtration work. In different industries, due to the size and nature of solid particles in solid-liquid mixing, it is necessary to select filter cloths of different specifications for filtration. How to indicate the type of filter cloth specifications? How should users choose?

In fact, people who are relatively familiar with the filter will know that the current filter cloth is rarely classified directly by type, because the filter cloth is often classified according to its cloth material, and different materials correspond directly. It is a different function. Of course, only those who have a relatively good understanding of the industry can directly select the filter cloth without looking at the material introduction. Now the commonly used filter cloth materials for filter machines are polyester, vinylon, polypropylene and nylon. , These four kinds of filter cloths have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the specific requirements still depend on the needs of users.