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Talking about the effect of the hydraulic system of the filter press on the whole system
- 2021-11-18-

The hydraulic system of the filter press is very important to the whole system. The selected hydraulic oil has a great influence on the plate and frame filter press. The hydraulic oil can provide strong pressure to the filter press. In order for the machine to operate normally, it needs a strong pressure, so when we choose hydraulic oil, we must consider various factors and choose a neutral hydraulic oil that is anti-wear and anti-pressure.

The hydraulic system of the filter press has a hydraulic station for pumping and storing oil. The storage space in the hydraulic station is also very limited, so it is necessary to add suitable hydraulic oil to the hydraulic station regularly. Generally, the amount of about 85% is However, as the oil temperature rises, the volume becomes larger, and the excessive oil volume will directly affect the normal operation of the hydraulic station. In addition, the oil volume in the hydraulic station must not be less than 40%, because the oil volume is too small, it will also affect the normal operation of the hydraulic station The twitch of the internal oil pump. Therefore, in daily life, it is necessary to check and protect the hydraulic station regularly.

We need to tidy up the grooves and leak the fresh filter plate surface; secondly, distribute the oil surface repair agent and the non-two kinds of repair agents in a ratio of 1:1; then, apply it on the groove, fill the groove mark and slightly higher On the surface of the filter plate; finally, after the groove marks are evenly spread, quickly cover the filter cloth, squeeze the filter plate together, make the repair agent and the filter cloth stick together, and squeeze the groove at the same time, after a period of time, the viscose will naturally It can be used normally at this time. The filter plate and filter cloth are in direct contact with the filtrate in the production of the filter press, so their loss is much larger than that of other components! Relatively speaking, The price of filter cloth is relatively low, and it is relatively easy to repair, but the filter plate is different. The correction of filter plate is a headache for every manufacturer. However, the successful development of oil surface repair agent has solved the difficulty of filter plate repair. It has saved us a lot of money and materials.