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What are the key factors in the disposal of drilling fluids in a diaphragm filter press?
- 2021-11-11-

The components of drilling fluid include clay, intensifier, water and various chemicals, etc. In oil drilling, it has the functions of smoothing the drill bit and maintaining the well wall. There is a potential threat to the environment, so the discarded drilling fluid should be disposed of in compliance. The separation of solid phase and liquid phase is the main disposal method of discarded drilling fluid at that time.

Diaphragm filter press drilling fluid disposal operation principle:

After the diaphragm plate frame is pressed, a large amount of waste liquid is injected into the template, the solid phase is left in the filter cloth between the templates, and the liquid phase flows out. The sludge between the templates is dewatered again to form a mud cake, which reduces the moisture content of the sludge.

The key factors of diaphragm filter press work:

1. Vibrating screening action The discarded drilling fluid is screened out by the vibrating screening unit to screen out the large particle waste to prevent blockage and damage to the feed pump, plate and frame filter plate and filter cloth.

2. Breaking and destabilizing effect Adding breakers and destabilizing agents destroys the stable structure of the discarded drilling fluid, promotes solid-liquid separation, and improves the operating efficiency of the diaphragm plate and frame filter press.

3. Feeding time The plate and frame operation can set a fixed feeding time. The longer the feeding time, the lower the solid phase moisture content, but the longer the feeding time will affect the processing capacity of the plate and frame.

4. The water content of the water-based mud pumped into the plate and frame filter press should not be too high. If the water content of the water-based mud is too high, the water-based mud chemical dispatching tank will occupy a large area, and the dispatching difficulty will increase, thus prolonging the time. The feeding time of the screw pump increases the power consumption. Generally, the water content of the water-based mud is controlled to be lower than 98% before entering the filter press equipment.

5. The filter plate of the back-press pressure filter press is generally made of "TPE elastic material, alkali-free glass fiber, polypropylene" and other materials, so it has the performance of high temperature resistance and high pressure resistance. After the pressing pump is running, if the pressure cannot reach The specific value will affect the bulging degree of the filter plate of the filter press. If the bulging of the filter plate does not reach the specific value, it will directly affect the effect of deep dehydration. Therefore, the pressing pressure of the diaphragm filter press is generally higher than 1MPa.