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How to use bag filter device in filter equipment
- 2021-12-24-

The bag filter is a new type of pressure filter device in the filter equipment. It is mainly composed of a filter cylinder body, a filter cylinder cover, a quick-opening mechanism, a stainless steel filter bag reinforcement mesh and other major components. The filter equipment can quickly replace the filter bag. , There is basically no material consumption during the filtration process. How is the device used?

The first is to select the appropriate bag filter device according to the different industries. Place it in the working station, connect the inlet and outlet flanges or pipe teeth and fix them; Put the O-shaped sealing ring into the O-shaped groove, and fasten the filter bag pressure ring on the multi-bag filter. After the upper cover is aligned, tighten all the hanging caps at the same time. Close the exhaust valve installed on the top of the bag filter.

Secondly, after the bag filter in the filter equipment is installed, check the important places such as connecting pipes and working pressure to ensure that it is accurate.

Then, open the output valve, open the heat source inlet valve, and make the filter temperature rise to the specified temperature. Open the input valve slowly, let the liquid slowly flow in and fill the filter, avoid the liquid suddenly impacting the filter bag, and then if there is no leakage Wait for the abnormality to filter.

The bag filter is widely used in the filter equipment, and the installation methods are various, which saves costs. At present, there are many kinds of bag filters on the market, mainly including stainless steel bag filters, top-entry bag filters. There are several types of filter, side entry series flat cover bag filter, PP plastic bag filter, and the appropriate type can be selected according to the needs of different industries. The selection and installation requirements of each type of bag filter should be based on Manufacturer's guidance, overview can be inquired.