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Advantages and disadvantages of choosing diaphragm pump or screw pump for filter press
- 2021-12-10-

For the filter press, the pump is like the heart of the human body. It is very important to choose a good pump for the filter press. The "heart" of the plate and frame filter press is a diaphragm pump or a screw pump. ?Let's briefly list the advantages and disadvantages of the two types of pumps for users' reference. Let's first understand the selection basis of pumps and choose the right pump, mainly from the following three aspects:

First, the processing capacity and cycle: the plate and frame filter press is powered by the flow of the pump, and the selection of the pump should be based on the processing capacity and processing cycle of the equipment as a reference.

2. Flow rate: According to the volume of the filter chamber of the plate and frame filter press, the moisture content of the sludge after dehydration, and the concentration of the sludge before entering the plate and frame, the amount of sludge required for each dehydration operation of the plate and frame is converted. Then, confirm Reasonable mud feeding time, such as 2-3 hours. Calculate the flow.

3. Characteristics of the object to be treated: If it is a general biological sludge, it is more economical to use ordinary cast iron polypropylene raw materials. For other special sludges, according to the detailed sludge composition, select pump materials such as stainless steel 304, 316, aluminum alloy, fluorine-lined.

Well, let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of plate and frame filter press diaphragm pump and screw pump:

you point:

1. With low investment, the screw pump needs to be able to adjust the flow device, frequency conversion or pressure regulating valve, and also needs a matching pressure sensor;

2. The operation is reliable and simple, and can automatically balance the flow with the increase of filter resistance;

3. Small footprint and simple installation.


1. The pressure cannot be improved, it is limited by the air source pressure, and 6bar reaches the upper limit;

2. Noise and pipeline vibration are particularly significant in the case of atmospheric volume;

3. In relation to the screw pump, the diaphragm has a short life and is easily damaged;

4. Because the flow rate of diaphragm pumps is usually not too large, most of them are used in small systems;

The plate and frame filter press screw pump is electric, but if the filter press screw pump produces additional pressure, the internal parts of the pump will be damaged; and the pneumatic diaphragm pump can avoid this problem and the pump will automatically stop due to excessive pressure. In fact, both of them have their own interests, but they also have their own shortcomings, so we still consider the actual situation and choose the filter press pump that is suitable for our own equipment.